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Finagricola, the largest italian vegetable garden

the largest italian vegetable garden

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Finagricola is a cooperative made up of 9 members and featuring a production base of 24 farms. For two generations now Finagricola has committed itself to carefully focusing on variety, as a means for recovering and adding value to typical local produce, the sole purpose of which is to ensure quality and to oversee the supply chain.
The company is especially focused on all the parameters affecting the quality of its output, by processing only the produce grown on its farms, which are all located in the area of the Piana del Sele (Salerno).
The Finagricola farms total over 300 hectares of protected and directly controlled crops, which means that our produce is guaranteed 100% Italian, from the seeds to the finished product.
Our fresh produce includes Tomatoes, Aubergines, Melons, Peppers, Lettuce and Looseleaf Lettuce Blends.
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Così Com'è
Così Com'è

“Così Com’è” is a range of preserved tomatoes, sold in glass jars, wholesome and genuine, as if freshly made. “Così Com’è” is a first range of “fresh” long-life preserves, featuring the still intact flavour of fresh tomatoes, but with the added guarantee of a longer shelf-life.
The tomatoes used for the “Così Com’è” range are processed just a few hours after having been picked, to ensure the integrity of their nutritional properties and the sweet and full flavour of sun-kissed fresh tomatoes.
The different varieties we use of date tomatoes – red and yellow – come in a number of forms: juice, naturally puréed, peeled with juice, dolcimetà, passata and extra-concentrate.
Red Plum Tomato Così Com'è

the flawour

of red

Yellow Plum Tomato Così Com'è

the delicacy

of yellow

Pizzutello Così Com'è

the flawour

of Pizzutello

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Gran Gusto

“Gran Gusto”,
packaged fresh produce

Our “GranGusto” range provides fresh packaged vegetables all the year round. Our “Gran Gusto” preserves are made with vegetables that are freshly sourced from local growers and feature a short supply chain.
We can even track the plot of land in which the vegetables were grown, at the farm supplying the produce, the cultivation techniques and the results of all the laboratory tests carried out. This painstaking approach encompasses all our passion for our land and our respect for nature.
The flavour of these products evokes all the excellence of Mediterranean cuisine, representing its simplicity and providing a modern take on the true taste of tradition.
Our “Gran Gusto” range of preserves includes tomatoes, vegetables preserved in oil, sauces, pastes, condiments and food products for catering establishments.
Yellow Ketchup Gran Gusto

Yellow Ketchup

Made entirely with Italian tomatoes